Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I blog?

It all depends on the kind of content you offer and your audience’s preferences. Some bloggers post multiple times a day, while others post once a week. The key is to find a balance that works for both you and your readers – post regularly enough to keep your readers engaged but not so much that it becomes overwhelming. At Daaims.com, we recommend experimenting with different posting frequencies to see what works best for you.


Do you have any tips on how to style a small space?

Absolutely! With Daaims.com, you can find plenty of tips and tricks to style a small space with maximum impact. Start by decluttering and deciding on your style, then choose multi-use furniture, add storage solutions and decorate with layers. Use bold colors, prints and textures to make the space feel bigger. Finally, utilize vertical spaces by adding shelves or wall hangings for a unique look.


Can I use Daaims.com images on my blog?

Absolutely! We are more than happy for you to use our images on your blog as long as you credit us and link back to the original post. Daaims.com is about providing lifestyle, fashion and beauty tips in an accessible way for all, so we are more than happy for you to use our images to help spread that message.


Can I use Daaims.com illustrations for commercial purposes?

All illustrations that are shared with our readers are the property of Daaims.com and are not to be used for any kind of commercial purposes without prior written permission from Daaims.com. Please contact us to request permission if you would like to use any of our illustrations.